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Someone once said... "life began in a garden". For many believers and all walks of life, that is true! Hi there, my name is Margot and I believe I'm your fairy godmama!! No but real talk... I am a stay at home mama of two littles with lots of time in the soil with these buggers soaking up them rays!

I love, teach, inspire and hope to give some good cheesy vibes while helping the vibrant sponge soak up some nutrient nuggets of knowledge. Or just some plain old gardening tips I've picked up along the way!

(check out this rose that just popped in the garden - drool/ smells so sweet yum)

My mantra is to help in many ways and on that personal note, I can say its a blessing to have the air we breath and the photosynthesis we take for granted! I'm a huge advocate for the next generation of learners. That being said, I've taken many of insights from my much older and wiser groups to pass along to the younger so that they may preserve the gifts we hold near and dear in our hands.

With a sprinkle of fairy dust to this fun and loving hobby I do hope to find other garden fairies to join my digital landscape! Cheers-

P.S. Plants are for sale in my shop! Happy planting

With Gratitude,


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